Mapping Africa's Natural Resources

As the world watches Africa grow, there are many challenges the continent faces which block its path to greatness. Just like the other developed continents around the world, Africans deserve a decent living, good living conditions, quality education, clean water, good health, and economic development.

The continent has a lot of promise and potential, it just needs the right good hearts to help in its rise to reach its potential.

We believe that Africa is the richest continent on earth, yet, the people in the beautiful continent live in some of the worst and poorest conditions because of corruption, poor leadership, greed and lack of support from the right authorities and well-wishers. It is disheartening seeing the most resourceful continent on earth languishing in such deplorable conditions.

As a matter of fact, Africa is the largest producer of Diamonds according to Africa on the Rise, and the continent produces more than 50% of the entire world’s diamonds. That is why, we as Make Africa Great Again have come with a good heart, to offer a helping hand towards some of the poorest countries and regions to ensure that Africa is at par with the rest of the world.

Shape of Africa

The shape of Africa is that of a heart and this reminds us of the heartbeat of love, life, and resources that the world has. As a matter of fact, it is the heart chakra of the planet and majority of the world’s resources are located in the continent, only that there are no sufficient funds to help in the exploration of the resources like oil, diamond, and gold. This is the reason why Africans depend on foreign investors to explore their resources, getting a raw deal on the proceeds.

We Believe

We believe that if we can help heal and rebuild Africa, we can help rebuild and save the planet because everything else will follow. Rebuilding Africa, the motherland where everything started, is rebuilding Mother Nature. Let’s come together to heal the earth’s heart chakra and help raise the love vibrational frequency of the planet.

We believe that Africa has served the rest of the world for a long time now and it is high time we helped them get back on their feet.

Just like a worker who has done a lot of work and feels overwhelmed, the continent has been outdone by its lack of good leadership, corruption and lack of direction.

Clearly, Africa Needs a Helping hand.

Our mission is offering aid to the neediest African nations and regions to help them rebuild economically, ensure that they have clean water for their use, eradicate hunger and its aftereffects. We will also ensure that Africans have access to quality education and good health and medical services. 100% of your contributions will be channeled towards helping the world’s richest continent rebuild and get back on its feet. It’s ultimately the right thing to do!


Donate For Economic Development

Africa is the most promising continent and has the greatest chance of growth and development than any other continent in the world.

Donate For Health

Health is a fundamental right that everyone should enjoy.

Donate For Food

Hunger is a very common issue in many parts of Africa.

Donate For Education

Education is the key to the development of any economy and its leadership.

Donate For Water

One of our top agenda is having clean water for use accessible to all Africans.

Our Goals


We at Make Africa Great Again work towards enhancing economic development, clean water, eradicating hunger, enhancing high quality education and providing access to good health and medical services.


To be the big brother that Africa needs and reach out to millions of wonderful souls and touch their lives positively.

Our Interest