About Organization Aim

Make Africa Great Again is a non-profit charitable organization created with a main aim of enhancing sustainable and significant development in Africa. Our major focus is ensuring that we change destinies, lives and nations through reaching out to millions of individuals who need help in various parts of the beautiful African continent.

We will offer grants, scholarships, solar lights (to enhance continuous studying of kids even at night), clean water infrastructure, fund health camps and programs, provide mosquito nets (to help prevent children and other people from contracting malaria), orphan care, microfinance loans and even disaster relief. This will help us achieve our aim of ensuring that Africans are self-sufficient and reliant and break away from the chains of poverty and lead better lives.

We believe that with the empowerment and enlightening of the millions of individuals we will reach out to, we will have paid a great debt that the world owes Africa; support to grow and reach where its brothers like Europe and America have reached. We know it will not be easy but with our hard working and able team in place, MAGA movement, we believe that somewhere in Africa, an individual will be touched and their lives will change completely for the better.

Why Our Organization?

Our organization was created out of our love for humanity and the belief that Africa is the richest continent on earth in terms of resources, thus all its people should live the lives that they deserve, lives that reflect the true state of Africa’s richness. Many African countries have natural resources like Oil, Diamond and Gold, but the lack of political goodwill and stability have held the richest continent at ransom.

Bad leadership and corruption have plunged millions of innocent lives into chaos that they cannot get out of, but we believe that if they are enlightened, they will get many choices to make their lives better.

About Our Challenges

We at Make Africa Great Again are dedicated towards creating effective approaches to deal with challenges arising in the developing countries in areas of Economic Development, Education, Health and Medical Services, Eradicating Hunger and ensuring that there is sufficient Clean Water. We believe that education is key to the future of Africa and ensuring that millions of poor children get educated is a sure way of securing a better future for the most beautiful and resourceful continent on earth.

This will help sort out leadership issues for the future, hence ensure that the resources that the continent has go directly to benefit all people and not a few greedy individuals. Through grants and loans, we will empower the society with the ability to start their own businesses and development projects that will improve their livelihoods. We will travel and go to the deepest of regions that have been barely explored and ensure that we leave a lasting mark on the people.

We seek your help through donations with funds that will keep the organization moving and ensuring that we support as many people as possible and touch as many lives as possible. Whatever little you have and are willing to give out with a helping heart, we will ensure that you have directly impacted a life positively.

Whether it’s $1 or $100, no matter how much, 100% of your donations will be channeled towards various projects in different regions of Africa to change lives and keep the continent, which is the heart of the world, pumping. Organizations wishing to become part of the Aid for Africa partnership must meet stringent tests of fiscal accountability, governance and programmatic impact. For more information on our eligibility requirements, please Email us at maga@maga.global. Let’s rally together towards a good and noble course!