Clean Water

One of our top agenda is having clean water for use accessible to all Africans. As a natural resource, water is free and the easiest resource to get. However, it is quite disheartening seeing people walk very long distance in search of a natural resource that they can easily get at their doorstep with proper use of resources and funds.

We have developed clearly defined plans on how we drill water and have it availed to the people in different regions through a reliable piping system. Africa should have the luxury of having water on demand in homes such as kitchen or bathroom sinks and showers just like other countries throughout the world. Such a process requires a lot of money, and that’s why we are asking for your helping hand to help us push for this. However, cost should never be a reason for us watching as others suffer walking long distance, only to get dirty and impure water, which compounds their problems and creates more health issues in the end. We are doing mother nature, and its people in Africa a disservice when we have the ability and resources to make this possible.