Hunger is a very common issue in many parts of Africa. Fascinating enough, Africans have very large portions of land, compared to their population ratio. Lack of machinery to plough their large tracks of land is one of the main challenges, but there should be no excuse why people should die of hunger while they have elected leaders who are supposed to enhance such plans.

However, the poverty levels in such regions mean that although people have large pieces of land, they cannot manage to afford materials to plant. Our organization will provide ploughing tools and planting seeds for them to plant and be sustainable and dependent enough. We will monitor the whole process of ensuring food security from planting seeds to harvesting to ensure that the resources are utilized properly. We will also provide training programs to teach the farmers on how they can sustain their farms from the first day of farming onwards.

For those affected most by hunger, we will provide them with ready food to sustain them through the days that they have to wait to have their food grow and harvest. Although this is a hard task, we believe that our team is capable enough of ensuring all our plans are executed and Africa is well-fed as the rest of the world.